• Sam Walton once said, "Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish." The past presidents of SC/NSPRA, each in their own way, have improved this organization over the years through the investment they have made in each of the members. We are grateful for their service to helping SC/NSPRA serve as the voice for public education in South Carolina.
    District/Organizations locations are from the president's time of service
Year Name District/Organization
2022-2023 Joe Burke Fort Mill School District
2021-2022 Chris McKagen Darlington County School District
2019-2021 Melissa Robinette Spartanburg District Five
2018-19 Becky Bean SC School Boards Association (SCSBA)
2017-18 Johnathan Graves Greenwood District 50
2016-17 Mychal Frost Rock Hill Schools
2015-16 Sherri Horton Spartanburg District 3
2014-15 Sherri Horton Spartanburg District Three
2013-14 Tom Hudson SC School Improvement Council
2012-13 Tom Hudson SC School Improvement Council
2011-12 Debbie Elmore SC School Boards Association
2010-11 Debbie Elmore SC School Boards Association
2009-10 Elizabth "Libby" Roof Lexington School District 1
2008-09 Elizabth "Libby" Roof Lexington School District 2
2007-08 Mary Anne Byrd Kershaw County School District
2006-07 Oby Lyles Greenville County School District
2005-06 Oby Lyles Greenville County School District
2004-05 Bob Ormseth Fort Mill School District
2003-04 Michelle Foster Lexington/Richland District 5
2002-03 Teal Britton Horry County School District
2000-01 Debbie Elmore Education Oversight Committee
1999-00 Mary Anne Byrd S.C. Department of Education
1998-99 Jackie Brown McCormick County School District
1997-98 Greg Plagens Lexington School District 2
1996-97 Erin Hardwick Erin Hardwick & Associates
1995-96 Brenda Cabrey Chester County School District
1994-95 Pete Pillow Beaufort County School District
1993-94 Mary Ann Blaskowitz Kershaw County School District
1992-93 Ed Boyd Horry County School District
1991-92 Buddy Price Richland School District 1
1990-91 Elaine Baker Rock Hill School District
1989-90 Jannette Henry Fairfield County School District
1988-89 Barbara Gainey Lexington/Richland District 5
1987-88 Milt Ponder Pickens County School District
1986-87 Meg Howle Charleston County School District
1985-86 Susan George Lexington School District 1
1984-85 Oby Lyles Darlington County School District
1983-84 Diane Marks Berkeley County School District
1982-82 Virginia Moore Richland School District 1
1981-82 Rob Harper S.C. Department of Education
1980-81 Frankie Newman Lexington School District 2
1979-80 Ellen Henderson Lexington/Richland District 5
1978-79 Tom Edwards Darlington County School District
1977-78 Clelia Hendrix Greenville County School District
1976-77 John Cone Charleston County School District
1975-76 Mont Morton S.C. Department of Education