The Rewards for Excellence Program

  • The Rewards for Excellence Program recognizes outstanding communications and public relations efforts by schools, school districts, and educational agencies and associations. The SC/NSPRA awards program is designed to recognize excellence in every aspect of the public relations effort. The Rewards for Excellence Program features three awards programs: Medallion, Golden Achievement, and Publications and Electronic Media.


    The Rewards for Excellence Program is open to South Carolina public schools, school districts, and education agencies and organizations.

    Contest Period

    All entries must have been completed between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

    Entry Submission Fees - Per Entry

    • Medallion Award (Comprehensive PR Program) - $50 member / $55 non-member

    • Golden Achievement Award (PR Projects) - $30 member / $35 non-member

    • Publications and Electronic Media Award - $25 member / $30 non-member

    (Note: An institutional membership does not allow schools within a district to submit entries as members. Non-member schools are required to pay non-member fees.)

    Deadline & Payment for Entries

    All entries must be submitted by midnight on February 23, 2023.

    Number of Entries

    Individuals may submit as many entries as desired but may not submit the same entry for more than one award or category.

    Inappropriately labeled entries will be placed in the appropriate awards program or program category by the awards coordinator. If a limited number of entries is submitted in any one category, SC/NSPRA reserves the right to combine or eliminate categories.

    Virtual Awards Program

    Awards will be presented in an online Rewards for Excellence Program in May.  Award notifications will be sent in April.


    Professionals in communications and public relations serve as judges. Criteria are based on industry standards and professional judgment.  Entries without entry fees will not be judged.