Medallion Award

  • Comprehensive PR Program
    Award: Plaque
    Contest Period: Jan. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022
    Cost: $50 members / $55 non-members

    Award Description:

    This awards program is for comprehensive, well-planned PR programs that address internal and external audiences with mass and interpersonal techniques. Entries should summarize the scope of the public relations program, including goals for program, projects and activities, and types of evaluation used to monitor success.A comprehensive public relations program is defined as the overall plan for a district, school or agency, OR a plan for a specific comprehensive program such as a total volunteer program or a total parent involvement program. (A total program is larger than a project. Projects should be entered in the Golden Achievement Award category.) Based on established criteria, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medallions may be awarded.


    1. Read the guidelines carefully. If you fail to follow the guidelines, the judges will subtract points in judging or disqualify your entry.
    2. Brevity, clarity of concept, good writing and evidence of objective evaluation of your program are factors the judges look for in winning entries.
    3. District or agency entries must not exceed 12 single-spaced pages. School entries must not exceed five single-spaced pages.
    4. Organize your entry carefully using the four-step criteria that the judges will evaluate on a point scale. The criteria are listed below.


    • Evidence of Need - Evidence of the need or problem must be described and program goals must be stated and measurable.
    • Planning - Identified target audiences, involvement others in the planning, variety of communication channels considered and utilized.
    • Excecution/Communication - Timelines, implementation strategies, and effective communication techniques.
    • Evaluation - Evidence that your program accomplished your stated goals.